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While we enjoy a variety of kpop artists, we tend to be a little more biased towards:
2PM, Jay Park, 2AM, Block B, MBLAQ, Beast, Rain, Miss A, SNSD, DBSK, JYJ, FT Island, CN Blue, Brown Eyed Girls, Lee Hyori, SS501, Supreme Team and Big Bang.

If there are any groups we don't post about, or don't post enough of, please feel free to let us know.

We do not take credit for any of the photos, gifs, etc. that we post unless otherwise stated. If we post something that is yours without credit and you would like for us to add it, just send us the link of the post and we will.

Also, although this is primarily a blog about kpop, we reserve the right to post about other Korean related things.

We hope you enjoy the blog! :)

Posted on July 17th at 5:22 AM
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